Simple Advent Wreath Prayers      (-author unknown)

First Week - December 1: 
Leader: (Lights first blue candle.)  May this light help us to remember Jesus, who gives each of us light, love and peace.  Let us ask Him to help us prepare for His birthday. 
All: Come, Lord Jesus! 

Second Week - December 8: 
Leader: (Light second blue candle.)  Lord, may your blessings come upon us, brightening our way and guiding us by your truth.   May we walk always as children of the light. 
All: Jesus, help us to be ready when you come! 

Third Week - December 15: 
Leader: (Light two blue candles and the rose candle.)  Lord, help us to see the meaning of our lives. Help us to follow your example of prayer, caring, and service to others, so that we might be filled with joy when you come.
All: Praised be God forever! 

Fourth Week - December 22: 
Leader: (Light all four candles.)  Jesus, we are close to the time of your birthday.  May your light shine in our lives, freeing us from fear, sin and worry.  
All: For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours, now and forever! 

Christmas Eve - Dec 24: 
Leader: Father, we are so happy on this holy night as we celebrate the birthday of your Son and welcome Him again into our lives.  Thank you for sending us a Savior. 
All: Happy Birthday, Jesus!  (Sing a carol of faith, such as “Joy to the World,” and exchange a sign of peace.)